Stuck in

It’s been almost a month of ‘working from home’ I’m not sure that I like it much. To be honest going to work was mostly the only time I went ‘out’ in any sense of the word. I used to get asked out for dinner, drinks, meals, sleepovers when I was younger, but I pretty much had to either leave really early or left as late as I could and ran I mean ran to catch my train, I had and still have pretty anxiously strict parents, I mean I’m nearly 30 and if I come home around 11 I still feel like a naughty teenager. So people just stopped asking and unless it’s a special occasion, like a birthday, I don’t go out. I sometimes feel like I’m wasting my twenties indoors whilst people half my age are having twice the fun. Facebook is always a bad idea when you’re feeling pretty low, there is always someone on a night out at a fabulous restaurant, someone who has just been proposed to on a fabulous holiday, someone who’s got married, someone who got their dream job, seriously everything is fabulous apart from my life at the moment. So whilst I find time to browse Facebook, I have been working and working and working. To be honest it’s pennies, but it’s pennies I can’t say no to. I have no other source of income and who knows when I will. Next month is going to be a whole lot more late nights for the entire month, I don’t know if I have the energy. Here’s hoping I’ll find the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s been over a year and I’m not feeling much better about my life. I’m proud that I’m working for myself, but if and when that dries up what will I do? I guess I can only cross that bridge when I get to it, I’ve always landed feet first so I shouldn’t really complain as with all my gripes about my life, I am blessed in ways that others may not be.

Well until next time.


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